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PetStoreComplete’s Advanced User Interface Creates a Superior Customer Experience and Builds a Foundation for a Brand Loyalty

Customer registration & detailed profiles

Customers can register and create detailed personal profiles, including tags, product reviews, Wishlists and order histories. This is a great way to build long term relationships with customers, who develop familiarity with and affinity for your interface.

Wishlist feature

Modeled after the industry leading Amazon interface, PetStoreComplete offers registered customers to keep and share Wishlists, which creates a social and viral aspect to the user experience. Users share their Wishlists with friends, who in turn become customers.

Product tagging

Another feature that leverages common online social behavior, product tagging allows customers to label or categorize products with attributes or descriptors to facilitate searching and sharing.

Product reviews

Customers are encouraged to submit product reviews about items they have tried. Online shoppers tend to be heavily influenced by others’ opinions, and engaged customers are more likely to be return buyers.

Advanced search capability and product sorting options

Shoppers can search the entire online pet store catalog using a variety of advanced search criteria, yielding the most relevant results and increasing the likelihood of a successful purchase. And users are able to sort product search results by various criteria, including best value, price or name. This is a particularly appreciated feature when offering such a vast product catalog.

Dynamic product imaging

Product images are dynamically generated, which means PetStoreComplete enables a zooming effect to allow shoppers to see product details on demand.

Streamlined one-page checkout

With PetStoreComplete’s one-page secure checkout is more intuitive for the user. So you’ll capture a higher conversion rate – or percentage of shopping carts that resolve successfully as purchases – and see minimal shopping cart abandonment.

Email a friend a feature

Registered customers can email Wishlists and product pages directly from within PetStoreComplete, which has a strong viral effect.


Shoppers can use the polling feature to solicit real time feedback from other users about individual products, and create immediate onsite interaction.

Related products, upsell and cross-sell features

The PetStoreComplete system automatically suggests related products based on a shopper’s selections, as well as offering upsell alternatives and cross-sell or supporting products. This functionality leads to dramatically increased orders from your online pet store, as consumers are very receptive to suggestion once they are in the buying frame of mind.

Shopping cart summary

This feature enables the shopper to view what they have collected in their shopping cart at any time. They can see product photos, prices and quantities, as well as check their running total.

Compare products feature

Allows shoppers to view similar products side-by-side to compare features and price.

Newsletter subscription

Customers can opt-in to your marketing list to be notified of special offers, receive a regular newsletter, etc. A newsletter is a great way to establish and maintain relationships with your customers.

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