PetStoreComplete: Sales and Order Management Tools

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Sales and Order Management Tools Provide Extensive Visibility and Granular Control

Manage orders: view, edit, create & fulfill orders

PetStoreComplete allows you to see orders in real time as they are received. You can edit existing orders, create new orders and manage fulfillment all from the PetStoreComplete administrative back end.

Automatically email order notifications

Set up email “autoresponders” so that your customers are notified automatically when you receive orders, when payments clear, whenever there is a payment conflict, and when product ship.

Inventory tracking

If you choose to keep a baseline of inventory on hand, you can use PetStoreComplete to easily manage and track your stock.

Print invoices & packing slips

Most TopDawg website operators sell direct-to-consumer and require pre-payment by credit card, Google Checkout or PayPal. But you may decide to extend credit to wholesale customers or businesses, and PetStoreComplete enables to generate invoices, statements and packing slips.

Issue credits and credit memos

Even after a payment has cleared, there may be times when you need to credit a customer or offer a credit memo toward future purchases. PetStoreComplete gives you all the tools to do this easily and efficiently.

Create & edit customer groups

You can assign your customers to a group or status (e.g. Wholesale, Retail, logged in, etc.) and offer different promotions to those select customer groups. It allows you to better manage your customer base.

Edit & create new product descriptions

Make your online pet store totally unique by writing your own detailed product descriptions and adding commentary to reflect your personality and provide a special touch. You can also change prices at your discretion to achieve the right balance of sales volume and profit margin. It’s all a breeze with PetStoreComplete.

Search and edit orders by invoice number

Easily find and edit individual orders, even if all you have is an invoice number.

Add & edit shipping tracking number

Create tracking numbers to that provide detailed reporting to your customers regarding order status.

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