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Robust Product Management Tools Give You Total Control Over Your Product Portfolio

Manage more than 15,000 fully-integrated pet supply products

On the back end, TopDawg does all the legwork to make over 15,000 quality pet supplies available to you. We update prices and product descriptions weekly and feed that directly to your website. On the front end, the PetStoreComplete software enables you to control which products you offer, and how you merchandize them. This means you effectively have total control over your online pet store.

Update product descriptions & prices

Make your online pet store totally your own by writing unique product descriptions that reflect your personality and provide a distinctive touch. Control prices to achieve the perfect balance of profit margin and sales volume. It’s all easy to do with PetStoreComplete.

Upload product photos

Quickly and easily upload and insert your own product photos or demonstration shots. It’s a great way to give your online pet store its own totally unique character.

Create invoices, shipments & credit memos

You may choose to run your business as an online direct-to-consumer retail store, with orders requiring pre-payment. Most TopDawg website operators function this way. But you can also extend credit and set up business accounts for wholesale or business-to-business clients, which can dramatically expand your business opportunities. If so, PetStoreComplete provides all the tools you need to generate invoices, statements and credit memos.

View & edit pending orders

View your order history, edit pending orders and submit new orders to TopDawg for fulfillment.

Add & edit shipping tracking numbers

Provide tracking numbers to your customers to enable detailed reporting on shipping and order status.

Manage product & shipping costs

You can price your products as low or as high as you like, so you are in complete control over your profit margin. You also may want to offer free shipping with a minimum purchase, or discounted shipping to support a promotion. It’s all flexible and entirely up to you.

Export order history data

Easily export order history to CSV (comma separated value) format to be used in Excel or QuickBooks for accounting and projections.

Customize email notifications

Generate custom email notifications directly from PetStoreComplete. Brand them with your company name, and use them to create an ongoing relationship and loyalty with your customers.

PetStoreComplete software lets you take an active role in managing your products to ensure your online pet store achieves maximum success and superior profitability.

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