PetStoreComplete: Payment Processing Features

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Comprehensive Integrated Payment Processing Capabilities for Maximum Conversion Rates

Multiple payment methods

PetStoreComplete enables a variety of payment methods so your customers can make purchases using credit cards or online payment:

  • Process Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card payments via
  • Supports PayPal & Google Checkout, the two most popular online payment methods

Streamlined one-page secure checkout

You will be sure to capture a higher percentage of purchases, and experience much lower shopping cart abandonment with PetStoreComplete’s one-page secure checkout. By making it easy and intuitive for the customer, your capture rate – or “conversion” – is maximized.

Tax & shipping calculators

PetStoreComplete includes automatic sales tax and shipping calculators for accurate and efficient checkout of on purchases from your online pet store.

Guest checkout permitted

Although you may encourage opt-in “membership” for your site for marketing and customer relationship management purposes, the advanced PetStoreComplete software does not require your customers to set up an account in order to make a purchase. This greatly improves conversion rates, since many consumers resist providing any extraneous personal data.

Real time cart summary

This means that your customer can see what they have saved to their shopping cart at any time during the browsing process. The shopping cart will display the pet supply product images, prices and quantities, as well as a running purchase total.

Simple check out process with summary of each step taken

Our interface delivers an exceptionally simple “Web 2.0” checkout process that many customers may be accustomed to if they’ve ever shopped at Amazon, or Checkout is as easy as 1-2-3!

Product images display in shopping cart

All products saved to a shopping cart are displayed by image as well as description and price, providing visual reference that greatly improves the customer experience.

Supports coupons & discounts for promotional campaigns

PetStoreComplete allows you to create discount coupons that you can use in promotions to drive visitors to your online pet store and increase sales. Promo or coupon codes are entered during checkout, triggering a predetermined discount.

Free shipping option available

You have the ability to waive or discount shipping charges as an additional promotional vehicle.

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