10 Reasons to Start Your Home Based Business Today with PetStoreComplete

1. Unlimited Profit Potential

The primary reason so many people have already joined TopDawg is the high profitability and unlimited earning potential offered by the PetStoreComplete home based business opportunity.

You’ll average between 25% and 45% profit on every item purchased from your PetStoreComplete website. All you need to do is drive traffic to your site! And with literally hundreds of ways to market your website, the potential for generating substantial income is very realistic. Find out more about Profitability here.

2. Low Investment

Many other business opportunities require a large up-front investment in a franchise or purchasing inventory. Not TopDawg. One of the key advantages TopDawg offers is the extremely low start up cost.

TopDawg charges just a small setup fee to build your website and a low monthly maintenance subscription. You are NEVER required to purchase or stock any inventory. In fact, you don’t purchase anything from TopDawg until you’ve already been paid by your customer! And because everything is drop shipped directly to the customer, you don’t have to take possession of any product, which means ZERO handling, warehousing, inventory and shipping.

3. Easy to Start & Easy to Maintain

In as little as 10 days from the time you sign up with TopDawg, you can have a live online pet store website! And with our PetStoreComplete software you get an extremely straight-forward user interface that gives you complete control over your entire site. You have access to all photos, text and other content. You can manage prices and discounts, add and remove products, and set up sales and promotions at your discretion. It’s all up to you, and it couldn’t be easier.

TopDawg Pet Supply handles all of the back end and infrastructure: registering your domain name, designing and hosting your website, maintaining over 15,000 pet products, updating your website on a weekly basis, and drop shipping all orders directly to your customers. So all you need to focus on is getting customers to your store.

It’s a proven fact that spending more time growing a business instead of getting bogged down with infrastructure leads directly to greater success. TopDawg keeps your website current and fully stocked with pet supplies while you focus on what matters: your customers. Providing first class service to your customers from the start, and offering the best possible shopping experience will convert browsers into buyers and guarantee repeat business.

4. Ongoing Phone and Email Support

Part of the service TopDawg provides is access to our friendly, committed support team. We are dedicated to your success, and we guarantee you the best possible customer experience. We promise instant response during business hours and quick resolution to all problems, whether by phone or email. Because your success is our success. It’s as simple as that.

5. No Long Term Commitment

With TopDawg Pet Supply, there are no term contracts. You’re never locked into a business that doesn’t work for you. The whole program is month to month, so you can cancel any time!

6. Cash in on the Nearly $50 Billion Pet Industry

Pet Industry sales projections for 2010 are a whopping $47.7 Billion, with 62% of all US households containing pets. That’s 71.4 million homes. From $17 Billion in sales in 1994 to a skyrocketing $45.5 Billion in 2009, the Pet Supply Industry is more than 50% larger than the Toy Industry ($21.5 Billion) and nearly 3 times the size of the Candy Industry ($17 Billion). That’s a heck of a lot of kibble, and you could be cashing in on it.

7. Be Your Own Boss and Work From Home

TopDawg’s unique business opportunity allows you to work for yourself, from home. You can spend whatever available time you have on growing your business at your own pace.

Running a home based Internet business wasn’t even a realistic option for most people until recently. Developments in high speed Internet access and reduced costs for personal computers have been significant factors in opening up the marketplace so even a one-person business has every opportunity to be successful.

8. Secure Your Financial Freedom

Whether you have a part-time job, full-time job, or no job at all, TopDawg makes it easy to start your own legitimate home based business that could someday afford you total financial freedom. Maybe you’d like to go back to school, retire early, or just have the flexibility to take more vacations. All kinds of options become available to you when you have the fabulous freedom of having extra money in the bank!

9. Spend More Time With Your Family

Once your home based business is up and running and you start seeing what great income potential it offers, your options are wide open. You can evaluate your priorities and decide if you want to invest all your work effort into your own business, or continue working for The Man. You can cut back on the hours you work to spend more time with your kids and your spouse. And there’s no reason why you can’t pack your laptop and hit the road to visit Aunt Sally in San Francisco, or Uncle Mickey in Montana. You can work wherever there’s an Internet connection!

10. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

TopDawg Pet Supply offers a 30-day money back guarantee, excluding set up fees. So at any time during your first month, you can have your entire monthly subscription fee refunded, no questions asked.