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TopDawg Pet Supply can help you start an online pet business, selling pet supplies from home in less than 10 days with our turnkey web based pet business solution: PetStoreComplete! Pet ownership is on a continuing rise and as we all know, are pets are part of the family. If you love pets and want to work from home with a successful online business, Top Dawg Pet Supply offers you a cost effective way to start your own business. There is a continued revenue growth every year in this industry, annual growth is 4.4%. Ready to start making money right away?

Why is PetStoreComplete the perfect home based business opportunity?

The Pet Supply Business is Booming

With the financial downturn since 2009 and the unemployment rate going up, now is a great time to start an online business with the convenience of working from home! Working for yourself allows you flexibility and low overhead. Why an online pet store? The Pet Supply Industry sales are expected to grow at 4.4% annually, in 2011, sales reached over $50 billion! So, now is the time to invest in you and start an online business.

  • According to the 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 72.9 million homes.
  • Breakdown of Pets Owned in the U.S. (millions)
    • Bird 16.2
    • Cat 86.4
    • Dog 78.2
    • Equine 7.9
    • Freshwater Fish 151.1
    • Saltwater Fish 9.61
    • Reptile 13.0
    • Small Animal 16.0
  • Breakdown of Estimated 2011 Sales Within The U.S. Market
    • Food $18.26 billion
    • Supplies/OTC Medicine $10.94 billion
  • Breakout of basic annual expense for dog and cat owners in dollars for pet supplies:
    • Food $248, $219
    • Vitamins $95, $43
    • Grooming Supplies $73, $34
    • Food Treats $70, $41
    • Toys $43, $21
  • PetStoreComplete offers you over 15,000 pet supplies from your own custom website to sell to this market and will have your store set up in less than 10 days!

This means you’ve got a huge potential market to tap into. And a huge market equals huge profit potential! For more on this, see Industry Trends.

An Online Pet Store is Your Cash Cow

An ecommerce website is a proven way to earn extra money without working a full-time job. A website offers 24-hour access to your customers, allowing them to shop whenever they want to. And with millions of people shopping online daily, you can’t afford not to open a web business today.

TopDawg Pet Supply provides you with a customizable website that allows you to sell over 15,000 pet supplies over the Internet from the comfort of your own home. You can personalize your PetStoreComplete website with a unique business name, multiple layouts, 100’s of colors, pictures and text of your choice. You can also set discounts, put products on sale, offer free shipping and other promotions, and adjust prices all at the click of a mouse. Read more about this on our Online Pet Store page or take a look at our PetStoreComplete features

High Profit Margins and Unlimited Earning Potential!

The reason why many people have joined TopDawg already is because of the high profit margins and unlimited earning potential that TopDawg Pet Supply’s PetStoreComplete business opportunity offers.

Making money with PetStoreComplete is easy. You will average between 25% and 45% profit on every pet supply order purchased from your online pet store website. And because TopDawg Pet Supply takes care of the infrastructure – hosting the website, inventory, fulfillment and dropshipping – all you need to do is sell! With literally hundreds of ways to market your online pet business, the potential for a full-time income is entirely realistic. It’s all up to you! Get more information on Profitability.

Take Advantage of Free Drop Shipping

Do you already have a pet supply website? Are you looking for premium pet supplies to sell that can be drop shipped directly to your customers?

TopDawg now offers Free Drop Shipping Services of over 15,000 pet supply products. And if you have an ecommerce website already, you can just sign with TopDawg as a Drop Shipper. Customizable tools enable you to display your company’s name on all packing slips, so your customers will think every order was shipped directly from your company.

TopDawg Pet Supply has more products available for drop ship than any other pet supply drop shipper. If you need unique products that are difficult to find, or are looking for specific pet supplies that will create a niche market for your business, you can find them with TopDawg.

Get your Free Drop Shipper Login and add our whole portfolio of TopDawg pet supply products to your catalog today. Call 1-866-906-1111 and we’ll get you started right away.

Gain the Advantage

The Winning In BizTM book is your #1 reference guide for starting a business. It is a concise, informative, easily understandable guide to starting and running a successful and profitable business. It’s absolutely necessary to acquire the right information if you are serious about starting a business and succeeding.

This one of a kind business resource guide is FREE when you open a PetStoreComplete online pet store with TopDawg. This guide will help you avoid many of the common mistakes that most new business owners make.

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