Unleash Your Profit Potential with an Online Pet Store


Your Online Pet Store is Always Open for Business!

Your PetStoreComplete online pet store gives you the ability to make money online in the booming Pet Supply Industry, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! And not only is the Pet Supply Industry growing year after year, but online shopping continues to capture more and more of the US market. Millions of people shop online every day because of the wide selection, ease of use, economy and convenience of the Internet.

Sell Pet Products Online

Looking for a business opportunity that will generate additional income without leaving your current job or investing a lot of money? Many business opportunities require you to make a large up-front investment or require you to purchase inventory in large amounts. The main reasons why people choose TopDawg for their home based business is because we charge just a small setup fee to build your website and do not require you to purchase any inventory. You don’t pay TopDawg until you’ve already been paid by your customer! And you never have to take possession of the product, which means ZERO handling, warehousing, inventory and shipping hassles.


Make it Your Own Business!

TopDawg Pet Supply offers customizable PetStoreComplete websites with over 15,000 pet supplies to offer to your customers. This will be your own online pet business and you can give it any personality and name you choose. As long as the domain name* you want is available, TopDawg will purchase it for you and build your pet store business website on it. You can pick from dozens of website layout templates and hundreds of colors. Then you can personalize your PetStoreComplete site with your own photos and text. You’ll have complete access to the administrative controls, so you can make changes whenever you like.

*A domain name is the basic website address, such as BrettsPets.com or TheBunnySpot.net or MyPetStore.us


Superior Product Selection!

The TopDawg Pet Supply product line includes over 15,000 pet supplies for dogs, cats, fish, birds and small animals. Everything is ready to be sold directly from your website and delivered right to your customer’s door. This means your online pet store with TopDawg will make more products available to your customers than any other home based pet supply business available today. Go to Browse Pet Store Products for a sample of both our name brand and quality TopDawg-branded products.


Promote Yourself!

Once your site is live, all you need to do to start making money with this online business is to generate traffic to your web based pet business.

There are many ways to advertise and promote your online pet business and it’s totally up to you to determine where and how. Simply make sure that potential customers know they can go to your online pet store and place an order whenever they like! Promote your website to your community, co-workers, family, friends, veterinary clinics, grooming shops, kennels, and thousands of other places.

  • Send out regular monthly online newsletters and email campaigns to send traffic directly to your website.
  • Purchase targeted mailing lists as well as mailing to your existing “opt-in” customer list.
  • Distribute cards or flyers in your community.
  • Set up online advertising campaigns or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google or Bing.
  • Run print ads in your local community newsletters and papers.
  • Even make direct sales!

The possibilities and potential for profit are limitless!

You can choose to build your web based pet business at any pace you like. You can take it slow and easy to earn a little extra pocket change or you can jump in with both feet to generate a five or six figure income. This online pet supply business is one of the only businesses that offers unlimited earning potential. The more time and effort you put into it, the better results and higher profit you can expect.


How PetStoreComplete Works.

With TopDawg’s PetStoreComplete pet business software, operating an ecommerce business has never been easier. Here’s how it works:

  1. You generate traffic to your online pet store.
  2. Customers make purchases from your site.
  3. Payments are deposited directly into your bank account!
  4. You forward orders to TopDawg and pay only the wholesale price plus shipping.
  5. Products are automatically drop shipped directly to your customers.

That’s it!

Customers place orders on your website and pay up front for the purchase price plus shipping. You electronically forward your orders to TopDawg as often as you like. You pay a discounted, wholesale price for the items ordered, so you average 25%-45% profit on every order, depending on how you choose to structure your retail pricing. TopDawg drop ships every order right to your customers using a custom shipping label that displays ONLY your company’s information. Orders can be tracked at any time, so you can provide your customers with tracking numbers to make order status available at the click of a mouse.


PetStoreComplete Advantages

There are abundant business opportunities out there. So how do you find a legitimate home based business that will be the perfect fit for you? After researching the market, many people have confirmed that TopDawg is one of the best internet business opportunities available. Here are some of the factors that make TopDawg Pet Supply and the PetStoreComplete software stand out in the pack.

  • TopDawg Pet Supply provides you with extensive information about the business opportunity we offer. We know that supporting and educating you will ensure your success. And the more successful you are, the more successful we are! Review our real testimonials for examples of what some current TopDawg website owners have to say.
  • TopDawg Pet Supply is the only home based pet supply business that offers the Winning in Biz book. This book is your “How To Guide” to starting your own business while avoiding the pit-falls of most new business start ups. If you’re new to business and want to know the secrets of running a successful and profitable enterprise, the Winning in Biz book will be an invaluable guide.
  • Our proprietary PetStoreComplete pet business software is entirely web based, and enables you to control your entire online business quickly and easily. You can add and remove products, change prices, run promotions, offer discounts, anything you could want to do to maximize your sales and profits! You have complete power over your margins.
  • TopDawg’s FREE Drop Shipping service means you don’t have to invest in inventory or the hassle of managing fulfillment. And we offer more top quality pet supply products for drop ship than any other drop ship wholesaler – over 15,000 in all. If you’re looking for unique products, or want to offer specific pet supplies to create a niche market for your online pet business, TopDawg has what you need.
  • TopDawg Pet Supply is passionate about delivering superior customer support. We are totally and completely dedicated to your satisfaction and your success. We treat every customer as if they’re our ONLY customer, and guarantee the best possible customer experience. Instant response during business hours and fast results are two of the things our customers have grown to love. You can feel comfortable knowing a TopDawg representative will be there to assist you with anything you should need, anytime you need it.
  • The Pet Supply Industry is strong and growing. An estimated $50 Billion in sales is projected for 2010, and pet supply sales continue to increase by at least 5% – over $2 Billion – every year!

We’ve all heard about home based businesses and other small business opportunities that sound like they’d be fun and easy: selling knick knacks on EBay, pitching vitamins or pharmacy products, various MLM schemes, or even slogging into the over saturated real estate market. But can you make serious money online with any of these? With TopDawg Pet Supply, you CAN and WILL make money, if you’re serious about it. Serious money.

So why not start an online pet supply business with TopDawg today? Compare our plans to see what’s right for you. Call us today at 1-866-906-1111 for a free consultation. No hard sell, just the facts!

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